Connect to Careers

 Talent Excellence Initiative of the CSI-South Kerala Diocese

“Connect to Careers”, a career venture,  was established by the CSI-SKD in July 2014 with the specific objective of giving regular guidance, motivation and engaging the new generation in intensive coaching  who aspire for top posts ( careers ) in the Country including Civil Services.

Connect to Careers has been shaped on the prayerful vision of Bishop Rt.Rev.Dharmaraj Rasalam that the Diocesan people who are with Christian values should represent and act as change agents in the country and worldwide by becoming civil service officers, politicians, scientists, officials in armed forces, corporate giants, entrepreneurs, and more

They would be the Professionals of Christ bearers who are shaping a better world and uplifting the parental community.


By the year 2025, have policy makers and influential leaders in high realms of government and social spheres exalting Jesus and impacting parental community.

(More than 25 Civil Service officers and 1000 outstanding professionals including officers of high posts in State and Central Government in 2025)


To enable the top achievers to reach high realms of public through comprehensive, integrated guidance and result oriented time bounded training programs.


To select and train top achievers from 8th grade to Degree to be in Civil Service and in Officer posts.

To net work with premier coaching institutes in India to connect the participants of the program and provide scholarship to the top achievers who are needy

To create career awareness among the members of the Diocese through organizing seminars on Course and Careers at Diocesan / District / Church level

Form Career Clubs at District and Church levels to activate the career programs