Intervening at the Kairotic Moment 
It is a matter of great joy that the CSI South Kerala Diocese is making another important step in its tryst with the technological development happening around through the up gradation of this website. We hope that this site would cater to four of our needs. First, to give a birds-eye view of the activities of the diocese to the world around; second, to give details of all the institutions, churches and clergy so that it would be easy for any person anywhere to have access to such information; third to update the people with the latest news of the diocese and forth to be a resource space for devotional material. One of the most pertinent moments of Christ’s communication is the upper room encounter of John 20. In a closed room when the disciples were huddled in the fear of the Jews Jesus came and stood amidst them even as the door was closed. The LOGOS that transcends barriers is the Christological tool that we would require to minster meaningfully to the generations of the present day. The fact that Jesus stood beside the ones in fear and agony comforting them with the assurance of peace should define the focus of our ministry today. The disciples were strengthened in faith and with found boldness, they continue their spiritual quest. This is what this website will also do. It would transcend barriers and reach people in need. It would comfort people in agony. It would strengthen the faith of a community in retreat and it would facilitate the spiritual quest of a generation and quench their thirst for the Word that is relevant to them. May God’s richest blessings are upon all of you

Bishop A. Dharmaraj Rasalam

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