Functions of the Board

  1. To give the interested youth of the Diocese guidance and training in sports and games. Find out Employment opportunists and fields for self employment and give the unemployed , necessary guidance and training.
  2. To appoint three Sub-committees and conveners for the three different fields mentioned above.
  3. To consider the program of activities of the sub committees, give approval  to those feasible and take necessary measures to implement them.
  4. To find resources for all the activities of the Board.
  5. To consider the annual Budgets and accounts of the board and sub-committees.
  6. To hold advisory meetings by including persons who are capable of providing authoritative guidance in the various fields of activities of the board
  7. To take policy decisions to achieve the main Objectives of the Board.
  8. To implement the programmes entrusted by the bishop or the Executive committee.

Committee for Self – employment Programmes

  1. To find all activities to find self-employment for individuals
  2. To give leadership to those seeking self employment by organising them on co-operative basis and guiding them to enter the field proficiently.
  3. To take efforts to make available to self-employment seekers, Loans, Subsidies, incentives, Services, training facilities etc. from Banks, Govt. Agencies, and others.
  4. To organise and encourage those who wish to start combined enterprises and help them to find resources.
  5. To encourage those who intended to organise small scale industries and rear cattle and arrange loan for them.
  6. To make available the services of agencies that impart training in Self-employment.
  7. To organise programmes to create in people an awareness and culture by which they learn to attain self respect and self sufficiency through self-employment .
  8. To organise those who are employed in unorganised employment fields and make them aware of their  Rights and Responsibilities.
  9. To do everything possible to find more and more employment opportunities for people.