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Welcome to the Pastoral Board – the dedicated department overseeing the noble responsibilities of our esteemed pastors. At the heart of our religious community, the Pastoral Board stands as a beacon of guidance and support, ensuring that our pastoral team adheres to the highest standards of conduct, ethics, and doctrinal teachings. Our mission is clear: to foster unity, uphold values, and maintain the integrity of our religious organization. The Pastoral Board diligently reviews and assesses pastoral activities, providing constructive feedback, addressing concerns, and promoting a cohesive leadership structure. We are committed to nurturing an environment where our pastors can thrive in their roles, serving the congregation with passion and dedication. From the selection and appointment of new pastors to the continuous evaluation of their performance, the Pastoral Board plays a vital role in shaping the spiritual leadership of our community. Through accountability and support, we strive to create a harmonious space where our pastors can fulfill their sacred duties while upholding the timeless principles of our faith. Join us in celebrating the Pastoral Board – a cornerstone of our religious community, dedicated to preserving the rich tapestry of our beliefs and ensuring the continued spiritual well-being of all who call this community home.
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